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Via Meucci, 16 - 20019 - Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy
Tel: +39.02.48926382 - Fax: +39.02.45329981

Strong gel brilliantine Suitable to model your locks at your will, particularly appreciated by men. It fixes without leaving residues. Wet effect. Hyper strong coconut wax gel Gel with a wax effect, it polishes your hair fixing it at the same time. It does not leave residues. Exotic perfume. Ideal for curly and afro hair. Styling cream Styling cream - Wax Fix Styling cream Non oily polishing cream, used as finishing product, it allows to better define your locks and to give your hair brightness. Wax - Fix Wax - Fix, fixing and modeling Wax, apply on dry hair in small quantities to define with precision your locks. Hairspray Directional spray - hair spray Directional spray Spray ( no CFC ) with a great fixing power, ideal to model and fix your locks at your will. Suggested for wedding or evening hairstyles which must stay unchanged for many hours. It carries out a protective action against U.V. rays and an anti static one. Vaporize in small quantities and model with your fingers quickly. Hair spray hair spray with gas (no CFC) with strong fixing action suitable to fix the hairstyle. It protects your hair from UN. rays and it carries out anti damp and anti static effect. Resins tested. Eco strong and soft hair spray Two ecologic no gas hair sprays, with strong and soft fixing. to fix and finish the hairstyles. Both protect your hair from UN. rays and from moisture. Resins tested. Mousse Moussette - Repairing gel mousse Moussette Strong fixing power foam suitable for brush and hair-dryer or curler hairstyles. It nourishes your hair thanks to wheat proteins contained in it and it avoids anti static effect. Repairing gel mousse Gel foam suitable for treated, decolorized, dry, curly and streak hair since it carries out a repairing action of the capillary fiber nourishing it thanks to the real aloe contained in it. Suitable both for the hair-dryings and the natural ones with wet effect. Fluidi - Fluid Protective Polishing - Straight effect - Modeling Fluid - Semi Permanent U.V. Protective Polishing Spray. Polishing Spray with volatile silicones makes your hair silky without. Anti - crisp Straight effect Milk eliminates the crisp favoring straight dryings. Anti-Static modeling Fluid Allows to create new movements letting your imagination be free. Semi-Permanent Curly effect Fluid allows creating natural waves givingnew elasticity to your hair.
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